Who & What Will Control Innovation

The real danger as I see it for coming generations is who will be the innovators? Man or Machine(AI)? If you have an idea; I’m not sure if any of the search engines are the best for finding or searching for similar thoughts. However, search for better mousetrap and you’ll find lots of ideas on mousetraps. Now search with one of your own ideas, 99% of the time there will be similar ideas to your own. If by chance you don’t find anything that remotely resembles your idea you might have something and be the 1%. That 1% could be the innovative idea of the decade.

Now back to search engines. All search engines store (questions, queries, search terms) asked of it. What bothers me is what happens if you did find the (1%, .001%) and have something so unique that it will benefit everyone and make you rich? It’s possible the search engines have a small search term bot that monitors when a new query hits the system that is a (1%, .001%), that automatically files a utility patent, trade mark or whatever. Google already returns how fast it finds results at the top of the page. I also believe the .gov patent site also logs new patent search terms. Think Tesla. Maybe Library’s aren’t so bad after all.

It might not even happen like this. And, yet if we don’t remain vigilant with new and fresh ideas…
Who are the real innovators? TBD. 🙂

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