T&i :- What Will Who Control Innovation

Innovation Man Or Machine(AI)
Innovation Man Or Machine(AI)

The Real Danger

The real danger as I see it for coming generations is who will be the innovators? Will it be Man or Machine(AI)? Worse yet, who will own all the cool innovative ideas and products created?

Ideas To Search On

If you have an idea; I’m not sure if any of the search engines are the best for finding or searching for similar thoughts as yours are. However, you must be the judge of that one. We all have disclosures. I use all the search engines. I want to see how they work and I compare the results.

Better Mouse Trap

However, search for a better mousetrap and you’ll find lots of ideas on mousetraps. And, if you search with one of your own ideas, 99% of the time there will be similar ideas to your own. It’s by the very nature of where technology is headed. After all there are literately life times of knowledge being stored and cataloged.

Lucky By Chance

If by chance you don’t find anything that remotely resembles your idea you might have something and be the 1%. That 1% could be the innovative idea of the decade.

Storage Of Questions

All search engines store (questions, queries, search terms) asked of it. What if one of your actual queries finds the (1%, .001%) and discovers something so unique that it could benefit all mankind and make you as rich as you wish?

Search Term Bot Monitor

It’s Just Possible

It’s possible the search engines have a small “search term bot” that monitors when a new query hits the system that is one of those mysterious (1%, .001%) ers. The results are than handed off to a “patent filing bot” where it automatically files a utility patent, trade mark or whatever it requires to secure this (1%, .001%) idea. Thus, claiming a victory for MACHINE(AI). It’s possible that query questions are being used just like that.

Fast Results Returned

Google already returns how fast it finds results at the top of the page. I also believe the .gov patent site also logs new patent search terms. Think Tesla. Maybe Library’s aren’t so bad after all.

The Real Innovators

It might not even happen like this. And, yet if we don’t remain vigilant with new and fresh ideas…
Who are the real innovators? TBD. 🙂

One Last Thing

There are millions of searches being performed every day. Google was one of the first search engines to start cataloging the web. And, this was long before issues with privacy became more the focus. This was also a time before there were do not follows of web content and NOSNIFF process were implemented on web applications. The amount of legal and ilegal content that they must still have access too seems unreal.

Nevertheless, safe searching.

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