TOPIC :- Fake News What If?

TOPIC :- Fake News What If?

I had orginally published this on LinkedIn.

According to ancient astronaut theorists 🙂 what if:

Facebook, Google, and the rest of the sites that allowed for the display of said “FAKE NEWS” were most likely RECEIVING TONS of click dough. Each time you clicked on one of those news stories they received some form of payment. They only mentioned that they would investigate this fake news when some folks said it might have swayed the election. If the sites that they say originated the “FAKE NEWS” were receiving between 5k – 20k a month the amount Facebook, Google and others must have received could be millions. So, why give up the easy money?

If you think for a moment that companies with huge budgets and large analytics teams pouring over the logs and results of those clicks didn’t take notice that would be a misnomer. Facebook has already been called out on faking or tweaking the trending’s listed.

Here is another way to look at it. If you’ve ever played some type of video game then you know that obstacles are created to enhance and challenge game play. They are placed at certain points in a game. Some obstacles are in the same place every time allowing for you to practice and get past the difficult parts. Others are random and hopefully that will keep you on your toes.

Think of game play on your personal feeds with Facebook, in particular you can adjust based on “Top Stories” and “Most Recent”. Adjusting these settings organize the feed stream you see based on that. On your feed you see many items appearing along with some sponsored and others from the games you’ve played or are playing. You also might see items appear that you just looked at on Amazon or Ebay (Click income).

(How this could work). Let’s suppose that you have certain political views. You might get news that reflects left or right points of view. If your views were only left you might get an assortment of right laced views to continue fanning the flame. You know the obstacles as you encountered in games played. Further adjustment of your stream, are items that you click on (Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad & Angry) to help identify a post and give nonverbal feelings to the post. Those clicks also generate metrics and data that formats how your Facebook will eventually be viewed by you.

So, regardless of service Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.… In an instant opinions and views can be adjusted at the speed of a post. To intensify the scope you can link Facebook with Twitter. So, what you post on Facebook it will automatically post on Twitter. Then with that post have Twitter Post to LinkedIn. With one post you could have the potential to engage 1000’s by retweeting and reposting by others.

Feeds from most services are tailored to users based on many factors. It would be nice to have better filters that we could tailor. While even a free service requires some form of income other then selling our metrics to others, the tailoring is getting better at predicting which types of things you click on where they will make the most money. And, that’s the part we don’t have the ability to filter

Yes it could be malicious or lucrative if used for that intent so…What If?

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