Equafaxs personal data on you was hacked 143 million times.

Well not really but it is concerning as you’ve might have heard on one of the news sites. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-07/equifax-says-cyber-intrusion-affected-143-million-customers

We are all pretty fucked if you ask me. Sure not a professional way to answer or reply. Consider this…firms and governments with the computing power have been silently breaching these types of institutions for quite sometime.

Knowledge is power and as the computers move worldwide into huge data centers, imagine the complex underpinnings that have open gates, wide open gates, that cause this type of breach.

People will eventually suffer due to the breaches taking place but at nation state levels think of the bargaining chip 143 million records has. As of 2016 there were 323.95 million people in the USA alone. Anyone of age who has attempted, tried and received credit in some form that could represent up to 65% of the population.

I could speculate that with this breach and the others reported and unreported someone or some persons have a record of every man, women and child in the United States. Ah just some thoughts.

As companies move towards automation, thefts like these will be more common.  Currently there are no true checks and balances for automated processes with AI.

In starts as simple automation.  You make a list for a task you do often. I’m sure eventually your list can be used to order groceries. Wait that’s happening with amazon and those little dots you can buy.

Anything that has definable steps and patterns will eventually be automated by AI or a robot. Or a software bot that handles just items that are on your list.  There will be no hiding as this is already happening.  Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Googles OK google. How lame is that no name or a sexy voice? Come on google get a clue.

Simple examples are. Full service gas stations to self-serve gas stations to now some stations have no attendants except for the many cameras on the premise. 

The convenience of ATM machines has replaced tellers and will continue to do so as banks also offer the ability to deposit by taking a photo of a check to deposit. No teller no driving, plain convenience.  

As we get use to the simplicities of these features we’ll soon learn to forget many things. Do you have a cell phone? Do you engage with people?  How do you engage via text message or actual voice call?

Now lose your phone and try and remember the many numbers that you might have in your contacts.  Lost in digital heaven.

The easier the technology is the more people will adopt it.  Kids that are below the age of 10 at this date 2017 will mostly know technology. So, what do we do.  Kids must learn how to deal with issues that don’t involve technology at the core.  Security should begin at home and taught to all family members.

Breaches are just the tip of the iceberg.

Joseph. #Kravis

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