VERY RANDOM 10/24/17

Not a plug for Microsoft, but I use OneNote often. I’ve used Evernote before,  but now keep OneNote open everyday to capture thoughts and ideas. It’s on my Ipad, phone and desktop. I can create notes and use them later which is a cool thing.

So, for today here are scattered randomness that I thought of or thought I might use for later don’t know why as I read these over some are pretty funny. Some are stupid and some don’t mean shit.

  1. I’m beginning to think there are those that don’t want individual liberty and strive more collective hive like enslavement. #kravis
  2. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”
  3. Edmund Burke 
  1. If this isn’t a war against liberty by the left, how come so many violent protests? #kravis 
  1. I don’t fault people for posting naïve or stupid comments. However, this is the same attitude that is messing up America and other places. I don’t want to think for others nor do I want them to think for me. The point of this posting is both a poke at media and to draw attention to the fact that sooner or later these types of news and postings will be outlawed and downright banned. I don’t wish for us to become like China, Russia and other countries that block thoughts and ideas no matter how stupid 

Deep in space when

I’ve given up my life for you. And, you for me and again

The path leads to my home

I’ve given up my life for you and, you for me again and again

The path leads home

  1. Seems like everyone wants to be different, to be heard and most of all be counted. Frankly most aren’t even original thinkers nor innovators. Ideas are being built based off other ideas. They say that copying is a true form of flattery. NOT.
  1. Warning those that enter will be judged based on merit that I select. Nothing more, nothing less.  Nevertheless, proceed with caution the gatekeepers are weary.
  1. I shall protect my children and my children’s children. We must stay vigilant and aware of our surroundings at all times.  Even when relaxing keep an eye open. Because we still must enjoy life and not be afraid that terrorists might live in the neighborhood. Peace.
  1. I need input in order for my brain to get the ideas going. Some folks are logical in their approach and I don’t fault them. Me, I’m an intuitive and introverted person and sometimes require more input then I can find in order to do certain tasks. Which is sad because some folks see this as lazy. Damn, them if they don’t have an understanding of how people work. The analogy is this. When you go to a vending machine and have change and start putting the change in the machine. The prize In the end after you put enough change you get your product. I’m the same way.  Business don’t necessary have time like they used to when there was true OJT. (On Job Training)
  1. I don’t really need to be living in a 2 million dollar house. Have 6 cars and take long vacations. But it certainly is nice.
  1. Would be interesting if you had a light switch logger that logged when it was on or off to the cloud?
  1. There are so many possibilities with the usage of the latest freebie.

As, I said much randomness.  🙂


Joseph Kravis

Running Over The Same Old Ground Year After Year

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