T&i :- Veterans Day 2017

We should not call death the ultimate sacrifice for protecting and serving in the military. As all veterans are aware, not only does serving affect actions across the world, families suffer or jubilate as well.  Loss of life no matter what side you’re on at times seems to placate leaders into taking no real honorable action.  Neither should coming home with appendages missing or damaged beyond repair should not be considered the ultimate sacrifice.

No. The ultimate sacrifice is arriving home to a nation where all people aren’t living in harmony and disrespecting the honor of what the flag has meant to millions of our veterans and what should serve as a unifying symbol for all and not just one group of people…  If only.

These sacrifices allow you to protest.  That’s what this democracy is and should be about. Ultimate sacrifice is the loss of respectability at home. Coming home, mentally, physically and morally traumatized by death and destruction.  For what?

However, I think it should no longer be “Unconditional” when taking about sacrifices. The United States National Anthem at sporting events is to show that same respect for our heroes of war past and present.  Mothers, fathers, children, brides and grooms to be.  Soldiers that could have and those that did lay down their lives are represented in that song.  This is one occasion where I say take your protests elsewhere and leave them off the field. Why try and take over and needlessly hijack something for an entirely different protest?

True peace seems to be out of man’s reach. If we need force in order for peace to be achieved so be it.  But, to honor this peace show respectability to our fellow man this day and each day you feel grateful for those that did die for you.


Joseph Kravis

Heartfelt Thanks To Our Veterans!

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