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“There is always a place I can take someone’s curiosity and land where they end up enlightened when we’re done. That’s my challenge as an educator. No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Remain Curious and Explore The World Around You

Remain Curious and Explore The World Around You

Growing up, traveling between Michigan and California numerous times we had the chance to visit many places as mom liked to stop along the way to get rocks, cactus and whatever cool finds there were to be found. Mom had that cool Caddie limo, where we would be sitting on the back floors playing games along the way. We had our maps and would plot our courses. Grand Canyon, 4 corners and route 66; just a few of the cool places we got to experience.  No matter how many times we went from coast to coast, our curiosity about the places we’ve visited was always one of excitement.

We could honestly say that we knew more about the places we were visiting then those that lived at a place all their lives. The beauty of that travel meant we got out and visited the places that others have only dreamed of.

Travel is so accessible today that day trips can be done at a moment’s notice. But, if you’re unable to get out and about you can surf the internet to visit places digitally or view via web cams.  Sites such as Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other forms on online media are available with access to discover the places we’d like to visit. The sad thing is many of those places are on most people’s bucket list and will never get a chance to visit in person. Still I’m grateful for the knowledge of what the world’s largest library offers.

So, many cool stories and adventures that I’ll leave off with for now.

Joseph 🙂

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  1. Someone else recently suggested visiting virtual museums or the likes to me… if you know of any great ones feel free to share.

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