T&i :- Are You A Node?


Remote Viewing

If you’ve heard of remote viewing then you know that some think that its quackery and others think that it’s a wonderful science. Taste Great/Less Filling. I’ve not experienced the ability to get all down and hunky dory quietly settling down to view the past present or future. Of anyone for that matter.

Real And Contolled

However, what happens if remote viewing is real and can be controlled. Not by humans but perhaps by intelligent AI. As it starts to process data, learning at an alarming rate of speed suddenly becoming partially conscious, it’s predictions about the future could surely become the past. Couldn’t it?

Deep Mine Node

Would it be shocking to learn that everyone with an android phone is actually a node for the “Deep Mind” Project? The neural network would be massive. It could also be possible that if you use some form of Google software on other devices those too might be a node.

Predicting Node Access And Movement

As a small self-contained node that has frequent push/pull of information a deep mind network could predict where you will be in a week a month and perhaps a year.

In fact while you’re out and about using your phone, all information that deep mind requires is being generated and stored on your phone.

Then, during a time projected with minimal usage, your data is analyzed and used as input to deep mind.

Computing Power Now And In The Future

Our phones are powerful computers perhaps 100 to 200 times more powerful then the computes of the early 80’s! They can do a lot of pre-processing before connecting and updating the deep mind neural networks data set of information.


Not the type of node you were thinking of huh? 🙂 Definitely not picking on Google as they would kick my ass. 😉 But, this could apply to any installed software by persons or companies thus turning your device into a node for some current or future AI project.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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