T@i :- 20170120 Thoughts For The Day

I suppose putting your words out on the digital airwaves can be both scary and enlightening.   This past year I decided to start sharing what I can. You can like it or you can like it. 🙂 Well, you don’t have too!  So, from time to time as I’ve mentioned I’ll have thoughts for today.  This is basically to be that visible and vulnerable person that we’re all supposed to be if we’re to grow as humans.  I might even repeat some ideas again. 🙂 Perhaps with different view points on a topic as I learn and grow. Who knows. I don’t but will try nevertheless.

Forget what I just said. I’m doing this for me and hopefully things can lead to a new project/job art contracts, writing gig.  Something fun, That is if fun jobs still exist. There truth be told. 🙂

The web is basically the largest library and education center in the world. You can choose wisely, in your web travels or not.

To VPN or not, to use the TOR project with ONION.  Use secure browsers or NOT.  I think we all need to browse as securely as we can. That means using using tools to help with your security.

Even If I don’t understand and that happens often lately, J , I’m always asking to see the big picture of something.  I mean anything!  I want to see the big picture of what I’ll be involved with.  I don’t know why I do, but I do… I suppose once I hear what the big picture is I react differently.  I can work segmented from groups, But, if I don’t hear the big picture, I’ll feel segmented with only one part of something that could be greater. And, knowing what the big picture is could help me write more efficient code. Quite possibly I would be distracted by trying to figure out the big picture on my own.  So please don’t passivate me, tell me the big picture!

Be Calm most likely it really doesn’t matter.

And, Just show up for what ever it is you want to do or are doing.

Thoughts and Ideas,
Joseph 🙂

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