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I’ve used Pinterest off and on the past few years never really using it much. Then I started setting up and pinning ideas for photoshoots and Ideas that I’d like to try creating in the 3D world. So you start pinning nothing unusual about that as that’s what the site is supposed to be.

I do link to my twitter, Instagram and my personal blog (this site :-)) Then yesterday without explanation I wasn’t able to log into my account.

What’s funny about this is that the popup clearly states that an email would follow with an explanation. NOPE, NADA, NOTHING. I guess it goes to show the customer support and web programming functionality just does not exist at Pinterest.



So from the TOS (Terms of Service) I see nothing I violated and not receiving a meaning explanation shows in their professionalism or lack of.

I don’t post to others peoples links I just keep my sites linked so I can save on disk space. 🙂 SO FROM D. Feedback you provide here is part of that answer, Terrible policy and FU.

and #6 Termination. Nice that you can post content both posted, pinned and your original and you lose it. So by refusing service according to this policy you don’t get your content back So, again, what have they done?  Effectively seems like they’ve stolen my digital content.  Then with the arrogance  under 11. Governing Law and jurisdiction they slap the customers knowing that most won’t sue,  have the money nor inclination to sue.

Why would I want to put anymore of my content or use the site with these TOS clearly (clients have no protections) Well, it is a free site and users should be aware that you will loose your content over any issue.

I can imagine the metrics that everything you pin, post and talk about is used for some nefarious data grabbing theme. I bet investors really like that.

So, do you use pinterest?  If so I challenge you to not use it for a month even longer for that matter and use other sites to get your message out.


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