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This is interesting so I must add some thoughts and ideas to this topic. 🙂
I kind of like the new campus structure.  I’ve seen the area change dramatically over the last 25 years.

But, technology of the future should not or will not be coded at any particular facility.

Cloud based computing and programming no longer exists in the hands of a few.  Spending multi-billions on something that possibly will not be viable when this project completes should be looked at by all shareholders. I’m one and I’m taking a look.

From a citizens standpoint TRAFFIC. This will generate more traffic and the cost of light rail most likely will passed on to consumers even in Eastern Washington. I don’t want additional taxes to cover this. If anything Microsoft should pay the entire burden of adding light rail to the scenario and for more the disruption this will cause.  The 33.3 million funding agreement is a joke. Cost overruns of other areas where light rail was constructed cost the taxpayers. Citizens of Washington State be prepared to have your taxes increased.  86% (1.1)Cost over run….Is a lot of wasted money and that is just phase I.  That should give everyone pause to think about this.

And, yes I get back to the traffic!!!!!  Right now I live 30 miles south of the Redmond campus. And, as an employee or contractor that can mean up to 1-2 hours commuting each way and that is a combination of freeways and back roads. Traffic caused by rain, accidents and construction that seems never ending in the northwest.   Adding 8000 more people will only increase this time limit and to live in the Redmond area, 500 – 600 SQ FT apartments are almost 2000.00 a month.  That fact alone will raise rents in all areas not just the Redmond area. The population of Redmond grows by 40,000 people every day as they jam into the area.

Aside from the costs, Seattle, like a lot of other places has lakes and mountains and is a beautiful place to live for sure. But, you can’t make the roads any wider due to lakes and mountains.   Disruptions by the addition of light rail to traffic will be immense as they will have to close and narrow roads someplace during construction. Construction in Seattle seems seasonal. Summer time road projects are everywhere. Estimated completion is 2023 but I say closer to 2030.  That’s a lot of years of disruption by this construction.  Here is another thought. Most low level programming jobs will be soon be automated and that could include mid-level managers who provide telemetry and metric data, perhaps those pesky program managers. :-).

  • So, what are these new 8000 jobs going to be doing? (4.1)
  • Are these going to be in-sourced by outsourced companies?
  • Is it for younger workers?
  • Foreign workers?
  • Qualified People?

Amazon seems to get it and isn’t keeping its eggs all in one basket. It could one of the reasons why they’re looking elsewhere for HQ2(5.1) as they call it.  Space, Talent and Accessibility. And, where they locate will bring a lot of local jobs to that area. A big win for Amazon and it’s new local community.

There have been many studies about how ineffective open office spaces are. (2.1) There are too many distractions and when one individual is sick eventually the entire office will come down with something. As much as 65% more folks call in sick when in open office spaces(3.1)

Technology has a way to allow for distributed processing. More so today than in the past. The technology behind block chain will prove to be a major disrupt-er to have thousands crammed into a space that rightfully should have 20,000 less people inhabiting.

Where am I going with this? 🙂 Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that the expense to expand and create a silo of containment so to speak is not a good idea. It seems like their circling the wagons and hunkering down  while getting ready for the long haul and that should be concerning.

Thoughts and Ideas,
Joseph 🙂

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