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The Snow Princess

I use to love playing in the snow as a boy.   Haven’t gotten out and played in it hardly at all as an adult. Guess I like the warmth a tad too much.

As, Christmas approaches. I wonder if i’ll go overboard with gifts or not. And, I’m not too sure how I feel about Christmas this year in general.  With my brothers passing I still feel the loss and sorrow of his passing.  Christmas has been commercialized beyond the meaning of giving and religious aspects that it tasks a lot of fun out of it.

Growing up, by now there would be house decorations, mostly hand made hanging up on the tree. We’d have popcorn all popped and making those popcorn strings and our folded paper strips glued together as rings and string those around the tree. And, I loved those all metal ice cycles!  Made great aluminum balls for mini sling shots. 🙂 Mom, got ticked off because of us boys doing that to the ice cycles.

A week before Christmas, pie’s were baking, my mom’s special lime jello with pineapple and cream cheese being made! YUM and the cookies were being pressed decorated and well a few eaten. :-). All preparations were being made or nearly complete. School was out and a lot of us cousins hung out and I remember those times as being some of the most fun of my life. When all of us were together at Grandma and Grandpa’s house it was a blast. The house was warm, Grandma along with some Aunt or grand kid would be playing beautiful Christmas music duets.  We’d have sliding parties with toboggans LOL (can’t stear those very well) and how many could pile onto a tractor inner tube.  I’m so glad that I get those warm and wonderful feelings whenever I think of those days.

Not so much now many are gone and I have memories that need to be rekindled as I really miss by back east family. Well, I guess I just miss family and being part of something grand.

Merry Christmas!

Joseph 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful post that rekindles similar memories. I lost my oldest brother this year so I can totally relate.

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