T&i :- Creative Talent Between Projects.

Creative Talent
Creative Talent

Hi there,

Not Shameless Here. 🙂

Just a quick plug. 😉 Well, I’m in between projects and thought I’d mention that here. If you know of any programming projects or someone who needs some rendering completed please let me know. -)

By the way I was most fortunate to take this image used in this blog post during the 2017 total solar eclipse in Madras Oregon! (Photography another fun passion)

We Should All Self Study

For the past few years, I’ve been educating myself in the art of Roblox scripting and code. I’ve also been investing time and energy into learning python and various versions of SQL most notably PostgreSQL. I’ve started working with the Unity and Unreal game engines.


As time permits I enjoy being creative writing tools for various 3d platforms. I work with Maya, 3DSMAX, Mudbox, DAZ3D and have finally after years decided to start a blog (josephkravis.com).

Yup, your here and reading this now. A lot like the days when I hosted and ran a large BBS system. You not being here but the days oh those were the days. Weren’t they!

Seems So Far Back In History

Art Bell and the midnight in the desert fun. Sometimes, Kim Komandos baritoneish squeaky voice. Not her fault. I loved old AM radios that would fade in and out thru out the night and most people would sound bad.

We were early explores of technologies long before they were cool. AM radio always reminds me so much of our many travels across the United States when we were kids. To this day I still listen to late night talk AM radio. OK slight editorial privileged detour.

Sharing Knowledge

Good, bad or ugly, I want to share thoughts and ideas, none of which has been my typical daily job of which has been an SRE, DBA and coder. I’ve automated deployments for software both on premise installations and azure. I continue working with PowerShell and find that using it as an automation tool has many benefits.

The Big Message

Creative And Passionate :- I’m a creative and passionate individual and can help find creative ways to solve existing or find new solutions for existing issues. And, new issues where none existed before. LOL. I’m grateful for being able to explore areas outside my normal interests.

I may not be as fast as I once was :-), but my passion about something is the key for me and you. Well, I could have said the both of us. However, convince me that your project is exiting and fun to work on, I’m open to working together for thoughts and ideas. Well, and small stipends??


Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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