3DART :- Space Asteroid

Space Asteroid

Space Asteroid

Just a fun idea if we were able to take control of an asteroid and harvest any natural raw materials.

Those with decent enough telescopes can attest to the fact that inhabitants on earth get more asteroid flybys then what is told to the people and what is reported in the news. It’s interesting to note that in reality we are on a big ball that seemingly floats thru this vast complex universe. For all practical purposes We are part of the universe and the universe is part of us. It’s a big sky with hardly any budget to investigate projectiles heading towards our planet.

Near-Earth object

Some things about space are scary considering we’re basically on this big rock shaped similar to an orb floating a pattern that we may or may not know if this path ever changes. NASA and JPL¬†https://cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/ have programs in place to study asteroids and comets and there will come a day when they can manipulate and move them fairly easy. Until that day, keep a watch on the heavens.

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