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Teenagers and all the drama. Has it always been like this? 🙂 We must give our teenagers hope for a future. Worldwide there are almost 2 billion young people without jobs or a way to earn a living as they grow into young adults. Many act out in school and choose to participate in harmful activities. And, I believe that’s why teenagers have so much drama in their lives.

The following items are from this article. (https://familyshare.com/3313/too-much-drama-it-might-be-you) I don’t own them and was highlighting them for my “DramaTeen Valentine”.

Despite how good your life is, you choose to find the negative things in life. It’s kind of like complaining your beautiful rose has thorns.

Someone always seems to be doing something to make you upset. They are out to get you — trying to make your life miserable and unbearable. How could they?

You like to gossip about others — especially if it is none of your business and it is a really juicy story. Who doesn’t love a good fictional tale to tell?

You assume if someone hasn’t talked to you for a while they hate you or are mad at you. Because, being silent always denotes hatred, right?

Like Pig-Pen from the Charlie Brown comic who always has a cloud of dirt following him, you may be the cause of drama if a “cloud” of drama is always around you. You’re always in the center of the “dirt.”

When something bad happens in your life, you can’t wait to share it with everyone near and far. You play the sympathy card whenever and wherever possible. After all, it’s never any fun to be miserable alone.

Most — if not all — of your Facebook or Twitter updates are cryptic and vague statements against some anonymous (maybe even imaginary) person. This causes pandemonium in your friend lists. Everyone is trying to figure out if they are guilty of offending the “queen” and trying to avoid an “off with her head!”

You always think you’ve made someone mad or offended someone. Of course, you’re innocent. You make sure you apologize profusely, regardless. You kill them with kindness (and then go stab them in the back to make sure you got the job done).

You are really nice to someone’s face, but then say terrible things about her behind her back. Your “two-faces” ought to be slapped.

You always assume that everything you hear is true, and then overreact. “The sky is falling!”

If the glass is half-empty, life hands you lemons, it rains on your parade or you only get the pits out of peaches, you may be a drama seeking missile. You’re waiting for an explosion to happen so you can spread ashes and burning embers over everything good in life.

You may be the source of unnecessary drama if you habitually delete and “re-friend” people on Facebook. The deletion happens after they said something minor you did not agree with. It can only be assumed that you keep “re-friending” people because you were starving for more drama. Normal people just hide posts or people they don’t want to see.

A drama queen’s life is generally full of “mole hills” under a very large magnifying glass that only they can see. They create a “mountain” out of nothing and commit to making sure everyone knows how bad their life is.

Do you always find yourself saying, “I hate drama,” as you are in the middle of dishing up more drama to serve everyone? Yep, you’re a drama queen.

“Why does everything bad happen to me?” “Why is everyone always picking on me?” “Why me?” Bad things happen to all people, but most people can just pick themselves up and move forward. Drama queens choose to wallow in sadness.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph 🙂

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