T&i :- Retirement What Is It?


I look younger then my 63 years show. In that regard I’m blessed. I’m also blessed by many family and friends that I’m forever grateful for. In times of trouble and need I can always count on nice words and prayers.

Oki dokie, the cats out of the bag and now that my friends know I’m 63. Yippie!

My question for them is should I retire? I’m able too. In all honesty I dislike commuting into Redmond everyday for gigs that will eventually be overtaken by automation. Well commuting in this area in general as there is way too much traffic.

Automating backups, Password changes, Monitoring for events and taking appropriate programmable action. Building out databases and machines. On and On.

I also dislike how things are so micromanaged via things like stand up meetings (scrum) . I feel those methods are outdated and don’t increase productivity. In fact most use scrum meetings as general BS sessions. A free pass to get out of work for 25 minutes. Yup for a 15 minute meeting 5 minutes to the meeting, a stop by the bathroom to take a pee and then grip session for 15 minutes. Now not all scrum meetings are this way but the majority of them are.   Solutions can be found to increase productivity without having to feel like your being watched every second of the day.   Just my opinion.

I’ve been in the technology field in some form or another since 1973. When I joined the Marines, my GTC scores were high enough for becoming an officer.  But, I  suppose at 17 and having not been away from home before it was good that I stayed enlisted. Where close to 2 years I made E-5 Sargent in the United States Marine Corps.

I had passion and drive. I looked forward to all the new challenges that I faced, the duty stations I was stationed at.  Never realizing that I’d become exposed to dangerous chemicals and contaminants. Various issue I’ve had thru the years can somewhat be explained.   (https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/camp-lejeune/).  Indeed I have a few of these things going on and it’s sad to think about all those that died before they had answers to nagging health issues without explanation.  My brother Marshall passed away last year on June 4, 2017. He was at Camp Lejeune in 1971 for several months.

Oh, I’m not really complaining, but and saddened by this. I don’t mind mentioning this but, who will higher a VET that has some medical issues that could effect a gig but should not be an issue. 🙂

Always interested in comments and ideas.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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  1. I was really touched by your words my friend! I don’t know if you should retire, but I’m sure you should never stop being creative as you are now, I wish I had the time to be more consistent with my flckr and blog friends, so I could write more often, but my reality is demanding. So my friend, know that lots of us enjoy your posts so much, even if we don;t say every time. So…Keep going!

    • Thanks Amanda! I don’t think I’ll retire just yet. I would like to find a gig that is fun. And, one that allows for various forms of creativity. I think doing the standard stuff day in day out is not very fun any more. I’m looking for fun gigs. 🙂 I’ve been exploring creativity and it has allowed me to enjoy coding again. So, if a fun gig comes along, I just might take it.

  2. I don’t think you’re ready for retirement at all.. so best wishes that you find some fun gigs to give energy to your creativity.

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