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Girl Of Mystery

A mystery is a whodunit. You know what happened, but not how or who’s behind it. A thriller, or a suspense, is a howdunit. You know what happened, and you usually know who did it, but you keep reading because you want to know how they pulled it off. M. J. Rose

Everyone wants a little mystery in their life right?

Well, it’s become kind of creepy in the digital age. You can search for someone, take their picture while at a star bucks and a good chance that some social media program will have already scanned (by the users own fault) the face Wala there you are knowing all about someone even before the first words are spoken. Then if you want you can start building a CREEPY profile for either stalking or conversation. We’re doing it to ourselves. 15 minutes, seconds or even hours of fame is what seems to drive people. (These are you own cameras think about all the cameras around you, without your knowledge…)

Our innate ability to equate any amount of likes we get to our popularity. Hey a good looking guy or gal clicked like on my posting! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Did you know that that there are so many BOTS out in the wild and owned by some major corporations that do that and similar things with your feeds. There are teams of people that are bought by people that do nothing but like things to improve a person’s placement in search results or give them a false sense of popularity.

That’s where targeting comes into play. Likes and the things to keep you engaged with a media platform are in play. Talk about creepy, those institutions are the real stalkers if you think about how they manipulate your social media feeds. But, everything not just the likes are tracked. The emotion of crying, disgust etc. are another form of metric that I’d like to know what they do with 100,000 emotional likes of despair??? Will you see a 1-800 suicided number automatically appear in your feed? Mystery.

Social media sites can block you at will, cancel your account leaving you hanging to retrieve your content. I’ve seen it happen where that content eventually surfaces elsewhere and with no true protections by all these free social media sites, we’re hosed. They can also limit your ability to see friend’s posts etc. that they have deemed not fit to see ( by who’s moral compass I might ask) , which is happening more often they you’d like to think.

We’re the real mystery and firms are banking big dollars that they can manipulate and steer our thinking. The modern day silos are Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Snap Chat, and Twitter. There are many and these few make up a big portion of who monitors you. No real mention of Microsoft as I feel their web properties and precedence have long fallen. Well, they have Bing, XBOX and what else? Azure? While customers can use it to create sites, I feel Azure is the Microsoft platform for business. You’re so entrenched in the Apple ecosystem if you have that platform.

Anyone with enough money can buy public records for any location and region. I want all the public records to show real estate purchases in King County Washington State or use your state if you wish.
With that information purchased and merged with data about its users on the social media platform you could get targeted ads based if you searched or were looking for real estate.

These firms thru its large data centers and AI can and is making slight predictions about what, where and when you might buy something.

Mysteries are still left to be solved. And the more engagement with social media platforms you have the more (fake) control they’ll have over you. This is only a surface view of connectivity that happens on sites

I suppose I see things from a business standpoint. Keep people on my site, engaged in my products, present them with what we think they want or need. Constantly tuning personal algorithms until you start clicking on presented info to investigate. Score one for the 1st pass algorithm. More tuning, more tuning, purchase. Score for the business. And, the mystery about you is no longer a mystery.

If I had a platform where I could manipulate in such slight ways that go undetected. I think I’d run for President of the United States.

My thoughts are this:
We need to understand our freedoms to exist one day could be controlled by the power these social media sites have over our personal information. You do know that it’s possible that back end data on you can also be purchased by those with the money? No more Mystery.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis 🙂

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