P&p :- A Few Tweets & Repeats 02/28/2018

Colony 003.jpg

I’ve been combating free radicals for such a long time I think I need a purple heart and another one a day SILVER. #kravis

Well, pilgrim if you want to pick your nose in front of me like your mining for stuffing, this conversation is over. #kravis

I stumbled across the thresholds of humanity until I found a penny. It’s then I realized that Humanities thoughts will cost a hell of a lot more then that. #kravis

Saying nothing I wanted while it all made sense to the one not listening on the other end of the party line. #kravis

I’m only going to like you once a day. And, that’s when I look in the mirror. You see me comes before you. As for Myself, there isn’t any disagreement. Currently. 🙂 #kravis

There will be 13 factions I mean political parties in the future. So, many splinters and forks of thoughts and ideas gives no one a majority. #kravis

Everything happens for a reason or does it? I mean if you don’t do anything stuff happens? If you do something stuff happens. The level of stuff that happens to you depends on effort applied in either case. #kravis

When I scream out loud, Is it a scream that any language can understand and hear? Science, Math, Music used to be universal languages. Now it’s being regulated to sounds of pain and suffering. #kravis.


Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis 🙂

Categories: #kravis, Prose & Poem

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