T&i :- Is Thinking Outside The Box Still Valid

Lately I’ve heard the term thinking outside the box and yet most people that attempt to think outside of the box are not very creative in those endeavors.  Group brain storming sessions can serve as a catalyst for generating actionable ideas or ideas that sound silly but are still cataloged for later re-investigation.

If I don’t work on being creative, I can fall into that pattern as well.   Like anything else you must practice. If you’ve got creative tendencies what are you doing to nurture those creative ideas?

These are just a couple of things that I do when creative evaluation of ideas is required. Hell, I doodle and draw all the time.  It seems my favorite doodles if you can call them that are squares followed by “X”‘s in the squares. 🙂 Not sure why. My mind is pretty active and I enjoy the creative challenges that can be accomplished by a few thought provoking ideas.

      1. Identify the Issue
        1. What do you want to accomplish?
        2. Start With Big Picture Idea
        3. Draw circles, diagrams, mind maps
        4. Sometimes it takes awhile. 🙂
      2. Doodle
        1. And doodle well. All great minds doodle!
        2. Random little pictures.
        3. Dot to Dot types of doodles
        4. Anything creative to get mind on topic

The Nine dots puzzle is often used to help describe thinking outside the box. Will AI in a way not yet discovered create something more meaningful then the nine dot puzzle? With perhaps unlimited storage to store model after model of ideas, thoughts and patterns, eventually there will no longer be a need for man to think outside the box. we’ll just ask one of the digital assistants to think for us and that my friends is a tragedy waiting to happen.

As it is, Robots are driven by algorithmic patterns that AI will be able to adjust as it sees fit. AutoML (http://www.ml4aad.org/automl/) will seem like creativity but to us it will seem foreign and at times will be frustrating because we want emotional answers and not logic bombs. 🙂  Alas, AI is already here and is improving with each new advancement in technology.

Mathematical models are being used to help determine who makes parole, who’s approved for a loan, and who gets hired for a job. All these are fine and dandy because computers and algorithms can process huge amounts of information and presents what if finds after analysis of the data.

Man must not run out of questions to ask. If we run out of questions to ask, it will be our fault when things get out of hand. Life is not about a bunch of AI driven robots. And, Robots of the future could determine we’re just toys that can be discarded when we’re no longer amusing.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis 🙂

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