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Sometimes the feeling of being trapped takes a hold of me. You know those times when you’ve bit off more than you can chew. But, you buck up nevertheless and do what is necessary to achieve whatever it is you’re set out to do. I love odds against me challenges. 

Successful INFP

I seem to be more successful when my INFP mind says: “Joseph, you’re not good enough!”  Well, maybe not but I’d like to think it does. I’m real hard on me but have been changing and not beating myself up as often.

About face: I seem to always leave late and that means sometimes rushing to get where ever it is I’m going.

maybe I’m more intelligent than the average joe. 🙂

And, that’s part of the point. Our society is at torments length. Wondering if… I don’t know… They don’t know… Discern the ride for yourself and have fun along the way.

Working on that. Mind over matter that is. And wishing I had a transporter. 🙂

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