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How often do we lose focus? When I was growing up there were many things to do and you had to be active when doing those things. We were limited by the amount of TV stations and often times just 1 TV per household that meant watching what the adults wanted. Unless it was Saturday night roller derby!

We read books from cover to cover just because. We were a generation of book readers. When reading on the internet you can click on a link and another and another, until you have to check your browser history to see where you’ve been. Saturation at every step. Have your device follow you. So, no matter what you reading on your phone you can start off where you left when you stopped on your phone and started on tablet or desktop. If it’s the desktop, you IP address activity could let someone know you’re home.

For privacy I wonder if they know where we are in any given day. Yup. We’re just happy reading, texting, calling! Who calls anymore? Robo callers and bill collectors. Our phones and technologies I believe have value but with that value comes the loss of “focus”. We’ll stop looking things up ourselves and be given suggestions, our devices will know when we first pick them up and start suggesting times for rising up in the morning. Hey that’s a thought average out that I get up at 10, 11, 6, 4 and 1. That would be odd but a tool will be created to do that. Too many secrets or too many suggestions?

Be aware of focus and how it will help you in the coming years.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis:-)

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