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Dreaming Away The Day
Dreaming Away The Day

I think that I day dream all too often. It is a way to relax and make sense of things that I’ve encountered in my daily travels. Who doesn’t like to escape for a few precious moments? Dreaming Away The Day, yes, yes yes.

If you’re not a day dreamer, shame on you. 🙂 Dreams of what things are and what things could or could have been often play on my big screen.

I’ll share them with you when I can.

A Quote I Like

Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone. Steven Spielberg
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