3DART :- Welcome To Summer Camp

ON the Ranch.jpg

Welcome to camp. Activities include, horseback riding, cannoning, swimming, backpacking and best of all I’m your cabin master.

Well, camp wasn’t like that for me. But, would have been fun. We did go to damp though. My brother and I sold candy toffee in cans, peanut brittle and all kinds of things. Very similar that schools use today when the kids come home with something new to buy from school. But, we earned enough to go to summer camp for a couple of weeks up at Big Bear Lake California. I’m sure that mom kicked in the amount we actually needed but it was always cool thinking that we earned the summer camp vacation.

There were crafts, horseback riding, and canoeing, swimming, backpacking. And all that fun stuff. We also had campfires in the evenings where stories were shared and each cabin would put on short skits and we’d sing songs. Occasionally we’d have canoe races and swimming in the lake. Such fun.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis


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