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I like to listen to good guitar style blues most days of the week. So, when thinking about how Friday is a recap of the week. It was a bluesy type of week. Getting closer to the end of a gig I’ve been on for 6 months. That’s both exciting and EXCITING. 🙂 and I have lots of gratitude for having worked with some of the same people that I’ve worked in the past with.

However, I need some new challenges that are not stressful and of which will allow my creativity to expand. I’m not a canned type of worker. I’m an introvert and feel that the paper work defining the work we do is becoming more important than what we do. That for me is a dilemma. Micromanagement sucks. I also feel that there is a difference between being a manager and a leader. I’m afraid to say it but will anyway, there are so few leaders that don’t know crap and managers who don’t know how to manage or lead. You’ve probably have worked with some like that as well. So, as technology moves into automation. BYE BYE mid level managers.

I’ll be searching for some good 3D glasses as there are some games I’ve been working on that could benefit from the use of 3D glasses. I’m glad that we all have opportunities that can be explored and as automation starts taking jobs at a faster pace, we’ll need to update, modify and adopt to new situations. Damn, I’m glad I’m a Marine! If your one as well, Semper Fi!

I’ve created some awesome 3D art and visualizations that I’m compiling and having some images printed on Canvas. I’ll keep you posted.

Another week in the books. What did I learn? Well, that’s a story for another day.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis 🙂


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