3DART :- Star Gazing

Star Gazing.jpg

I see you in vivid color, alive and refreshed.
I see you seeing me, Fearfully, Beautifully, Tearfully.
Although heaven is now your home, I can see you anytime
By closing my eyes in a wistful dream. And, I ask,
If I were but a dream, a thought or miracle, would you also see me? Or would you be Star Gazing Nevertheless…

Joseph Kravis – September 24, 2009

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis 🙂

Categories: #kravis, 3D, ART, MODELING, Technology

1 reply

  1. Now Joseph! This is what I meant with what I sai in my previous comment! You created a beautiful dream that no photographer can make in reality! I love it!♥

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