3DART :- A Summer Morning

Summer Day.jpg

Now that we’re headed into fall/autumn season, and before the harvests, I wanted to show a nice summer morning with bright lights and a fog that looked very enchanting. I think this turned out well. However, this is kind of my proof of concept for a lighting technique. This really needs a longer render to fix a few things I’ve spotted and will receive proper justice soon. It will be a weekend render up to 3 days will do.

We grew up being as prepared as we could.  Saved seeds from crops every year for the next, you know trying to be good stewards of what we had.  Canned and preserved.   Now there might be some common types of catastrophes to prepare for but, each area that we live will have a different set of conditions. Make preparation part of your life, so life can still be lived to the fullest. No need to super worry about most things, just have fun and keep a watchful eye out. We’ll be OK.

So, what’s stopping you. Did you plant good healthy seeds in the spring? Did you tend to the garden all year, weeding in between the rows too and not just around the plants, the maintenance and work you provided will produce a good harvest if you took the care to prepare. This simple truth holds true for most anything you do. Plant, Maintain, Harvest,


Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis 🙂


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