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Email Delete
Email Delete

My Use Of Email Has Slowed Down

I don’t know about you but I hardly use email any longer. Sure, when you order things online they send out an email with purchase details and serves as a receipt in most cases.



Saving Selected Email To Disk

When I do get those I save the message to a folder on my computer and delete the email. At least I thought I was permanently deleting the old stuff no longer needed or required by me.

Delete Clean And Manage

And, I delete a lot of emails and to me those deleted emails should remain deleted because I no longer need to have them around. But, today when deleting emails on outlook.com, I noticed this.


When We Delete It Should Be Gone

Why in the hell has Microsoft kept almost 15,000 deleted emails from me.   My deleted emails must and should remain deleted and not used by some back end process that I’m unsure of what the purpose is.   Well, I kind of have an idea on that. However that is a story for another time.

Understanding Free Services

I have to, wait all of us must realize that it is a free service.  And, it’s those free services which will eventually be used for nefarious tracking and practices, all because users, people like me and you are considered data assets for those with  computing power to train automatic AI systems with machine learning. 

Training Takes Us Using Our Email

If you look thru your emails, you have the ability to say what is spam, phishing, and so on. Those, tips are most likely used on a back end service that looks for email bots, and to tailor what you eventually see in your in box. The point is it’s us that’s either being trained or we’re training the AI.

Some Better Control With GMAIL

In my opinion googles free email service at least gives you better control over the maintenance of your deleted content.  However, yes they scan your stuff too.

Who Wants That Much History Saved

Simple math tells me that If I receive 200 emails a month and delete the majority of them, by the almost 15,000 deleted messages that’s approximately 6 years of deleted history for someone’s analytics.  Not mine nor yours….

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