3DART :- Dimensional Spirit Plane

Dimensional Spirit Plane
Dimensional Spirit Plane

Dimensional Spirit Plane

Dimensional Spirit Plane and Quantum computers will usher in an era of technology that will make Moore’s law look stupid. Had to throw that in. 🙂 I mean the look stupid part. Moore’s law was about technology doubling transistors on circuit boards every couple of years.

Quantum Computing Will Change

Quantum computing will change all that because, what will the future look like when that same technology Moore was taking about actually quadruples in use every 6 months by learning and making it self-smarter and a more intelligent information gathering machine will emerge…

Quantum Computer To Open Dimensions

So, will quantum computing open up multi-dimensions? Not sure if humans will be able to be dimensional travelers but, what if and it’s a very big what if. We could harvest knowledge from those dimensions if they were to be opened?? And, use that new found knowledge for the benefit of mankind?

What And Who To Control

Well, some would others would use that knowledge as a method of control. I’m not sure If I’m quite ready for that.  And, neither should you be ready for those things that will be out of out control.

Quantum computing  is a fascinating subject:

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