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I believe in cannabis.
Do your own reading, as these are my thoughts and opinions. Lots of search engines have cataloged tons of knowledge on the subject of testing, various laws and regulations for use and distribution of cannabis. If you would prefer you can call it marijuana that weed with funky smells etc. Cultures around the globe have used marijuana in ceremonies in one form or another for thousands of years.
I’m not saying that it’s a gift from God, but if you’ve done your due diligence on the subject, you can find that it is definitely safer then alcohol. In India Bhang Lassi is used in ceremonies and is something that I’m planning on trying. If any of my friends read this let me know how it is. That’s if you’ve tried it. Oh, please private message me back on that one.

What I’m not in favor of are free injection sites for addicts. That always spells trouble. Just read your own local news about that issue. What would truly be the right approach is a solution that legalizes drugs and allows for more resilient treatment programs for those whose addiction is causing harm to them or others. That could be in the form of physical pain and theft of property.
It all boils down to money. Many of the legalization laws passed in the states that have approved cannabis for both recreational and medical have started to change laws in respective legislation’s that monitor users of cannabis as if they were criminals. Get on a registry for home grow and you’ve subject to home grow inspections. Those that brew more than the allotted amount of home brew don’t get inspected. Yes, it’s legal in states but not at federal level.

Bottom line cannabis/marijuana is still considered taboo among many people and organizations. I’ve worked at big software companies in Redmond Washington where they have laid back moral events monthly and sometimes every 2 weeks for drinks and snacks. And, not all groups have those events. But, hey where is the cannabis for non-drinkers. And I know of a few people that left those gatherings and got DUI’s. How fair is that? Pushing legal beverages that have greater consequences than a puff the magic dragon moment. Go figure.

There are many documented medical benefits for using cannabis. It’s always been the same. There are healing properties and more research is required. Meanwhile researchers go back and forth on the question of, Is a daily glass of wine is good for you? Is Coffee Good for you?

Anyway don’t get stupid. Do your homework.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis


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