T&i :- Floating In A Dream Ms. Robboto.

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Alive/Dead Real/Fake

Memorex is the question we’ll be asking some day.

Is it alive or is it a robot, or digital. Not sure how fast that transition will be, but it’s going happen someday. And, in a small part is happening now.

The Digital Divide

So, as the new digital divide backed by AI,  you’ll be able to purchases sex dolls online of all types. Sex doll brothels are turning up around the globe. However I don’t think they’ll ever replace human contact. But, who knows?

Some Links

Here a couple of YouTube links: Turn the volume down on this video. 🙂 It is fraught with a little bit of bad language but, is a different point of view on sex dolls and digital dolls https://youtu.be/wLVOnVsLXqw and another link of what people think are the top 5 most human looking. https://youtu.be/wLVOnVsLXqw

Where Are We Headed

Where are we actually heading with this? Reminds me of bicentennial man starting Robin Williams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ7HxlhVDyM given artificial life status as living will be the day…..

Let Me Design One For You

Um, a new business model designing your future self. (  I will help design your digital avatar ) 🙂

In the twenty-first century, the robot will take the place which slave labor occupied in ancient civilization. Nikola Tesla

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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