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WWE Wrestling

I’m not really into WWE wrestling as I’ve always thought it was fake wresting.  But, I had an opportunity to attend the October 1st WWE event in Seattle Washington.

Started Negative

I started off negatively at first because of how I got my chance to attend the Event. I won’t talk about actual incident but it did bug me. Big time.

Restraining Negativity

However because of how I felt about WWE and the negativity, restraining my negativity had to be done.  The person I was riding with got me the ticket and he was so looking forward to this event. As he does each year.  So, much so that he always buys a t-shirt, hat and program book.  

Surprise Ticket

His usual attendee wasn’t able to attend and I got the ticket.   The event started at 4:30.  When it was decided that I should drive, it was 3:30. And, to drive about 30 miles in unknown traffic at speed limit we would have been late.

Driving Fast In HOV Lane

We had two people and therefor drove HOV LANE at about sev..Yeah the speed limit 60. Thanks SIRI your directional navigation is slightly improving.  Traffic slowed as we approached the city and we wisely followed the sweet voice directions. Improvising on quick lane changes when necessary.

Made It To Find Expensive Parking

Once in city navigation was still slow but as we approached the arena, a little slow but not bad. Now to park close as I don’t like walking far at these things, especially as it was raining. Right across the street a sign for parking at 40.00 right after I passed parking for 20.00.

Right Across The Street

Damn. Both still right across the street. Go figure on the price.  So, I took a quick right so that I could swing around to the 20.00 parking lot, hoping there was still a spot left this close to the arena.

Found Cheaper Parking Yeah

Sure enough there was and as I turned into the garage we found a spot on the 5th floor of this wonderful close garage.  Out in the open and in the RAIN, Negativity was dissipating and I looked forward to seeing what was up. So, we grabbed the sign made for a couple of his favorites we headed next door to the arena.


People Still Arriving

I was surprised at how many people were still walking to the arena and how packed it was. There were people right up to the very top rows.  The arena seats about 16,000 people and that’s how many looked in attendance.  After being waned and entered the building, we were warned not to video tape the event. Stopped by the souvenir stand and picked up a t-shirt, hat and program book.

Pretty Good Seats

On to our seats. We had pretty good seats that were located center stage, back and up a few rows. Isle seats…in a place that serves beer and beer drinkers in the row but not us. Up. Down. Up. Down. Don’t puke or spill, common courtesy you know.  The difference between these seats and the seats by the ring. $400.00.  We we’re fine where we were.


Cell Phones Everywhere

From this image you can see cell phones. I would say that there were approximately 10,000 cell phones in the building.  (Good to know the latest presidential alert could have found lots of people)


We Made It

In case you’re wondering. We made it in time. The only thing we missed were a few announcements and were lucky to see the entire event. It was a 5 hour event so those (Up. Down. Up. Down.) Moments like these came in handy and when the crowed was standing and cheering which was often. 

Dug Like Rock Stars

They dug the wrestlers like they were rock stars.  Cheered like they were in Roman coliseums with many holding up handmade signs for their favorite gladiator.

Very Loud Decibels

When these two guys came out they started to dish on Seattle and the crowed for 20 – 30 minutes booed quite loudly.  And, with the amount of cell phones, the new “bic lighter” just like at a concert.


 The decibels were loud! And sustained high levels, at one point for about 30 minutes.

The house lights went up and down choreographed to get the crowds going.


Just a couple of images of the night.

Great People Watching

When it’s all said and done, the event was a great people watching event.  While most of the event seemed like one long infomercial, I actually enjoyed the event as an unexpected opportunity and looked at it differently than coming specifically for WWE. People watching was fun. The decibels were loud! (just one video as you weren’t supposed to take video)

Thanks Andrew, It was great hanging out!


Wonderful Opportunity

Again, it was a good opportunity that I almost did not go. It would have been a tragedy if I did not go.  We all have so many opportunities handed to us that often we ignore.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thoughts & ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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