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Beautiful Look
Beautiful Look

At Times I don’t know what to write

At times I don’t know what to write. So, Wonderful are the thoughts that keep us whole and whatever that means behooves me. He I go. . .

Our words and language

Our words and language is being hijacked by emoji’s and meme’s that only a fraction of people produce and others use because they might identify with what the meme is stating. And, meme’s have more impact if it’s from a famous person or just a cool looking image. So, much so that some countries are banning meme’s.

Meme And Images

That’s just wrong. So, when I create digital images, I have to imagine someday one of my characters will look like someone else and when I use either a meme I create or someone else uses my image and adds a meme, who will be to blame for that? Will they start issuing take downs of sites that have images with memes?

Banning Memes

They and they could be anyone you like. Are, coming for your words and images. A gradual ban on thoughts & ideas is occurring. If your points of view are different than the majority of people you’ll be the one flogged.

Books will be next….

If we ever head down the American path of banning certain books or turning the editorial process into one of censorship, we will risk turning teens off books and sending them elsewhere – to their X-Boxes, for instance. To the Internet. And they won’t ever come back to books. Matt Haig

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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