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The questions we all have. Are they ever going to be answered? Your internal questions ones that only you need to know the answer? Traversing the brain just like you would a coal mine, we need to dig deep within ourselves because somewhere muddled in the tanglements, lie the answers and your diamonds await.

Thoughts & Ideas,

Joseph Kravis 🙂


I’ve been wanting to do boudoir photography. Clothes or not?  On occasion a thought or an idea occurs to me that shows a little vulnerability in presentation. The sexiness of an image can be intriguing. Thoughts are powerful please let me know what you think.

EDIT:  I decided to try a little different things with this image. thanks for the comments! 

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  1. The female form is good viewing especially if crated with a sensitivity of Art Form. What is not OK is ” ground standing” meaning we are sick and tired of porn shots.
    This poor female in the Porn Industry drugged up held captive against their will. This is a hazardous industry. To subject graphics, nude shots is a crime against women everywhere. Draw lines. Respect all females. We take pride in sharing our ladies in style and at all times beautifully styled. Women are sensitive and very vulnerable, show respect, treasure the female form as you would your Mother. Fancy posting your mother in a Porn article. Oh nođź’”.

    • I appreciate comments and thoughts that can stir conversations within me. Once, in a while, I’ll do an image like the one I did, but, not often or hardly at all. There are many images that can be found in a click or two on the internet that are in my opinion in bad taste. I don’t wish to do those types of images at all. Thanks so much for the comment !

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