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More and more, we as people need to stand up and say NO. I mean no to things that will harm you, or you disagree with or things that cause you to take pause in your life. Social media is changing that for a lot of folks. Because, the social media sites are saying YES, YES, YES, while in your heart your saying NO and going along for the ride nevertheless.

Saying NO for all the right reasons will help you achieve what you want. Saying NO just to say NO will limit you. So, take stock in how you look at and perceive the world. There is much to say YES about.
So, get out, walk away from your technology for a few days. Generate a new self by recharging what you’ve seem to have lost. BE YOU. 

Stand up. Show you mean business and that you’re not going to let anyone crush your dreams. And, there are a lot of dreamcrushers out there. You must do your best to not let that bother you. Go forth and be who you are or want to be.

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis

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