3DART :- Merry Christmas

Christmas was and always will be a time for gathering with family and friends. Although we did all the fun, warm and wonderful things on Christmas, it was still about family.

We made our Christmas decorations. We made popcorn and cranberry strings to hang on the tree. We, pasted together rings of paper that would also be hung on the tree. Mom, she liked those aluminum tree icicle! 🙂 So, did us kids. You know when the tree would come down, could not save the icicles! But, they would make cool aluminum foil balls, ideal for any sling shot. 🙂

Family gatherings would be at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Where all the cousins would play capture the flag type games out side, build snowmen and slide down the hills.

While all the aunts and uncles are gone, we grand kids and our kids today, still celebrate in the traditions our parents taught. Kindness, love and charity. Thanks all for the wonderful memories!

Thoughts & Ideas,
Joseph Kravis

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  1. Merry Christmas Joseph đź•Š Thank you for the support from the team đź’™

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