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AI To Benefit All

I’d like to think that AI will be used for all to reap the benefits. And, for some that will be the case.  When you think about it. Who has the wealth to build and position AI software for effective processing?

A Few Benefits

  • Frees Up Humans for other pursuits
  • Increases Human Creativity
  • Solves Issues and Common Problems
  • On & On

Who Affords The Most

  • Our Governments
  • Big Business
  • Independent researchers
  • Technology Firms with Cloud data centers.

Closed Networks

I don’t think it will be you and I. From the available public resources there will be closed networks that do nothing but process purchased records. IE. Medical, browsing history. Etc.

With millions of records being digitized it won’t be long before those are made available to process and correlate to parent type of documents. Human intervention won’t be required at this stage due to automation.

Researchers To Improve Speed

Researchers are looking for ways to improve the speed, delivery and accuracy of (ML – Machine Learning) and AI curated results. By, forming, and modifying the algorithms used to generate results.


Man machine interfaces the stuff from science fiction is already making an appearance in the form of implantable devices.


Uncharted and cataloged, Science in some backroom, is going on with or without full disclosure to the public. I don’t have proof. I don’t think I need it. 🙂 As this is only an opinion.

But, when news leaks out of foreign governments and private corporations doing genetic testing with human embryos ,

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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