T&i :- EURP

A Dream

You see this came to me in a dream and it was a good enough idea and a funny one! well, funny too me. Announcing my new business idea. EURP

The Economy

The economy and the way things have been done is changing faster than most would like. Nevertheless, one of my new business is; EURP. What is EURP? It’s UBEResque in nature as this involves Hearses.

Business Model

Yes hearses. The current tax increases will also increase the cost of a good burial. Eliminate this expense at the time of your bereavement. Choosing features can be a daunting task. Therefore keep 1-800-THE-EURP on your speed dial. When the time arises, our drivers are available at a substantial discount. Hearses from horse drawn to semi-trucks. A smorgasbord of options at your request.

Happy riding,

Everyone of You Are Plodders

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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