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What's your dance

What’s Your Dance

What’s your dance going to be? Are you free spirited and flowing. Spontaneous to a fault? I think we’re all amazing creatures and if we apply ourselves we should be able to do anything within reason and our God given abilities.  We can push to our outer limits and achieve greatness.  We can also choose to do nothing and achieve nothing.  Why when there is life you choose nothing? Keep waking up it will happen.

Know Thy Weakness and Strengths

Each person will have limits of their own to deal with. If you can’t jump 10 feet and you know that its way beyond your abilities, at least try.  Don’t limit yourself unless you truly can’t do something. That’s OK too! Because knowing your strengths and weaknesses is great for achieving things that are great to you. These words I need to listen to often. Because In my mind I’m never good enough and constantly have to work at things. Both the ones I don’t like to do and the ones I do like to do.

Reference’s I Like

There are so many articles and videos on this subject but, I like John Maxwell’s take on the subject.

John Maxwell talks about things greater than talent that often are overlooked. And, I like when he talks about knowing our weakness is just as important as knowing our strengths. At least that’s how I interpret.

Two Opposites

One strength is my passion.  One weakness is procrastination.   And tenacity for never giving up no matter the circumstances. Even when I do procrastinate. 🙂

Turn Your Dream Into Reality

In my dream I dance alone. The thunderous applause is my heart beating as it should. And, the ripples of sound and light longing for you to dance with me. Again.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis with Compassion. 🙂

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