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To start off this post I’d like to say that I like PostgreSQL. I’ve blogged about how easy it is to setup and deploy locally. I’m actively using PostgreSQL and others on my home network with good success.

However, it’s certainly sad to think that Microsoft could have have redesigned MS-ACCESS to account for some of the popularity of other databases. Just think of the goodwill they could have garnered from that move.

Or to continue it’s own development of SQL Server Light 🙂 for the desktop and beyond, scalability that’s different but not yet found in their own product.

PostgreSQL – Setup

Blog post PostgreSQL – Setup

Microsoft Purchase

Nevertheless I’m glad that Microsoft purchased this product. (read about it here) https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2019/01/24/microsoft-acquires-citus-data-re-affirming-its-commitment-to-open-source-and-accelerating-azure-postgresql-performance-and-scale/

Database Deployment

Finally another database to use for speed and flexibility. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written lots of database apps to work with SQLSERVER. I’ve deployed some of the largest databases around on premise and to the cloud, setup for always on and created excellent backup and recovery plans. And, Now with PostgreSQL, I’ve added flexibility both locally and in the cloud for a few of my apps that use PostgreSQL. Thanks Microsoft!


Deployment Master

I install deploy, troubleshoot and provide solutions using PostgreSQL database and others. Another tool to make my day easier.

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