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Gas taxes in the state of Washington based on http://dor.wa.gov/content/findtaxesandrates/othertaxes/tax_mvfuel.aspx  we’re taxed about .67 per gallon of gas sold.  A lot of our property taxes go for highway projects as well.  Changing to the system of miles traveled will cause in the short term a drop of state tax revenue.  And, you know they will try and replace that lost income.  Keep incentives for purchasing electric cars and charge declining flat tax based on purchase price over the life span of the car. Transportation and autonomous vehicles will become a reality. Uber is experimenting in Ohio and has made an autonomous beer delivery run.


Take a look at a map and draw a circle in a 100 mile radius from your home you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do and see right where you live.  We don’t get much out of our home zone.  And, within that zone lies our commute paths. To and from work. And, on weekends an occasional trip across the mountains.  

Within those same and familiar 100 miles, are many adventures waiting to be discovered. It should not all about taxes when your hanging out with your family doing new and exciting things.


Other than taxation for miles driven, possibly tracked by GPS, laws will have to be assessed to see how to protect our privacy. New laws either need to be created or old ones enforced to protect our privacy and our home locations.  From the metric centrist point of view, the correlations provide a unique challenge for all of us.  Just random thoughts. J


Electric hybrids are supposed to be more efficient and at this time our state don’t tax based on miles driven.


People who work in SF, sometimes live 2-3 hours away from the job. Would self-driving cars change that?  Not sure but If I were to take an automatic vehicle I would hope that there would be lanes of traffic to account for autonomous driving.


10 years into the future a self-driving car will be smaller and lighter. They’ll go forward and back and from side to side.  The rules of the road will have changed because these little things would get crushed.

  • You’ll start out in the morning leaving in your self-driving car
  • You strap in and pull down the table in front of you and get comfortable for the commute.
  • On your head are the latest in 3D real vision.
    • You’ll Watch a little news
    • Reply to email
    • Take a quick 3d selfie
    • Post on the new airwaves channel
    • Life Is Good


Arriving stress free at work your self-driving car drives directly to the parking garage elevator where you are whisked away and delivered promptly to your office.  Lunch is 3d printed ham and cheese on rye. . Life is good.


On the way home, put your 3D real vision on get lost playing the latest game.  Arriving home safe and rested, Life is good.

Perhaps flex time. Commute every other day in the self-driving cars.  It is and will happen as roads get more congested.

What solutions would you offer for autonomous and self-driving vehicles?

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

Originally published June 06, 2017

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