Circle Of Miles And Taxes

GAS TAX Guffaws

Gas taxes in the state of Washington based on  Hold on to your wallets, folks! In Washington, they siphon off a whopping $0.67 per gallon for gas taxes. Sure, they say it’s for “highway projects,” but we all know it’s just a creative way to fund their secret project to build a giant robot, right? If we switch to paying by the mile, watch out! The state’s tax revenue might dip more than a sports car in a pothole. But don’t worry, they’ll find a way to make it up—probably by taxing the air we breathe during rush hour.


Take a look at a map and draw a circle in a 100 mile radius from your home you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do and see right where you live.  We don’t get much out of our home zone.  And, within that zone lies our commute paths. To and from work. And, on weekends an occasional trip across the mountains.  

Within those same and familiar 100 miles, are many adventures waiting to be discovered. It should not all about taxes when your hanging out with your family doing new and exciting things.

GPS and Privacy Puzzles

So, we might get taxed by the mile soon, with Big Brother GPS tracking our every move. Next thing you know, they’ll tax us for every step we take. Better start practicing your stealth moves—can’t pay taxes if they can’t track you!

Electric Cars and Chargeable Chuckles

Electric cars don’t get taxed by the mile yet, which means we’re just one step away from the government taxing us based on the color of our car. “Oh, you chose red? That’s an extra $100 for being too flashy on the freeway!”

Commute Time Comedy

Some folks commute from so far away they need a passport. Imagine self-driving cars in this scenario—instead of road rage, you’ll have virtual reality hangovers and cars apologizing for cutting each other off. “Oh, pardon me, did my autonomous lane change startle you? Do accept my sincerest algorithmic apologies.”

Futuristic Funnies

Fast forward ten years, and our cars will be zipping around like caffeinated bumper cars. They’ll be so small, you’ll accidentally carry yours into the office instead of your briefcase. And forget about road rage—every little pod will be too busy exchanging polite beeps and boops.

10 years into the future a self-driving car will be smaller and lighter. They’ll go forward and back and from side to side.  The rules of the road will have changed because these little things would get crushed.

  • You’ll start out in the morning leaving in your self-driving car
  • You strap in and pull down the table in front of you and get comfortable for the commute.
  • On your head are the latest in 3D real vision.
    • You’ll Watch a little news
    • Reply to email
    • Take a quick 3d selfie
    • Post on the new airwaves channel
    • Life Is Good

The 3D Printed Lunch Laugh

By then, lunch will be 3D printed, which means your ham and cheese on rye might come out looking like a Salvador Dali painting. But hey, life is still good, right?

Stress-Free Sillies

You’ll strap on your VR goggles, escape into a game where you’re a superhero fighting traffic monsters, and by the time you “arrive” home, you’ll forget whether you’re still in the game or if you actually made it back to your couch.


And there you have it—a lighthearted take on the future of travel, where your biggest worry isn’t the commute, but whether your car’s AI will judge you for your karaoke skills. Keep those seatbelts fastened—it’s going to be a hilariously bumpy ride!

What solutions would you offer for autonomous and self-driving vehicles?

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Originally published June 06, 2017

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