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Technology Is Rapidly Changing

Technology is rapidly changing how we interact both in personal and professional ways. Social media changes influence along with automated technology will either be life altering or have externally negative impact on society will be moving pretty rapidly.

I’ve created these postings to list the latest of articles in AI, Automation and other cool technology related items that I liked or found inter sting.


  • Sphero Kickstarter Rewards Include Chance to Visit HQ for Hackathon. Oh, and a Robot
    If you’re a self-professed (or otherwise acknowledged) robotics geek (like me), you don’t want to miss this Kickstarter project from Sphero – you know, the company that brought you the take-home version of Star Wars’ BB-8. Launched just this morning and already up to more than 500 backers for a… Read more »
  • How the Tech Industry Can Help Fix Our AI Skills Shortage
    In 2015, Uber opened a research facility around the corner from Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics Engineering Center in a move positioned as a partnership between the two organizations. Within months, dozens of faculty members had left their positions for full-time roles at Uber, draining the center of much of… Read more »
  • The Mandelbrot Set In TensorFlow
    What Is the Mandelbrot Set? According to Wikipedia, “The Mandelbrot set is a famous example of a fractal in mathematics. The Mandelbrot set is important for chaos theory. The edging of the set shows a self-similarity, which is not perfect because it has deformations. The Mandelbrot set can be explained… Read more »
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