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Technology Is Rapidly Changing

Technology is rapidly changing how we interact both in personal and professional ways. Social media changes influence along with automated technology will either be life altering or have externally negative impact on society will be moving pretty rapidly.

I’ve created these postings to list the latest of articles in AI, Automation and other cool technology related items that I liked or found inter sting.


  • Using AI and Street View to Manage Road InfrastructureUsing AI and Street View to Manage Road Infrastructure
    Predictive maintenance is an increasingly common sight in industrial facilities around the world, but the ability for AI to detect when machinery is about to fail relies upon a steady stream of data. One would imagine the data provided by Google Street View might not be up to the job… Read more »
  • Are We Making AI Inefficient by Molding It to Human Thinking?Are We Making AI Inefficient by Molding It to Human Thinking?
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make leaps and bounds in terms of innovation and results. Recent developments in AI and the technology behind it have certainly surprised a lot of stakeholders, including AI researchers themselves. AI has grown to be a very capable entity, affecting everything from our social media… Read more »
  • The Role of Unstructured Data in AIThe Role of Unstructured Data in AI
    The process of making artificial intelligence (AI) systems interact more like humans makes some people uncomfortable, but AI is not about replacing humans. In reality, it is much more about removing the robot from humans. A big part of AI’s value lies in automating manual processes and analyzing vast amounts… Read more »

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