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Technology Is Rapidly Changing

Technology is rapidly changing how we interact both in personal and professional ways. Social media changes influence along with automated technology will either be life altering or have externally negative impact on society will be moving pretty rapidly.

I’ve created these postings to list the latest of articles in AI, Automation and other cool technology related items that I liked or found inter sting.


  • The Smart Fabric That Can Regulate Heat Automatically
    While wearable technology has allowed us to monitor our activity in a variety of interesting new ways, perhaps the most interesting angle is in developments in actual fabric itself. The latest example comes via the University of Maryland, whose researchers have developed a fabric that can automatically regulate the amount… Read more »
  • Chatbots With a High Emotional Quotient
    Sure, there are a dime a dozen chatbots out there. Think of Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and their like. However, what truly matters for businesses these days, with chatbots replacing customer service reps, is to have a chatbot that recognizes your customers' mood and offers reactions accordingly. Read more »
  • Foundations of Machine Learning: Part 4
    This post is the eighth one of our series onthe history and foundations of econometric and machine learning models. The first four were on econometrics techniques. Part 7 is online here. Penalization and Variables Selection One important concept in econometrics is Ockham's razor — also known as the law of… Read more »
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