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Taking life after birth should be a crime. As, should all abortions. So, what the hell. Kid missing a toe? Have 6 toes? What you don’t like the shape of the face, eyes ears or nose? Missing a limb. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.

Keep Me
Please Keep Me

Misinformed decisions

Can’t afford it?  “IT”, being the life as you must not think it’s a life but just an “IT”.  Do you just like sex way too much? Don’t want contraceptives? Guy tells you it’s like talking a shower with cloths on? Parents are afraid to talk to their kids. And, that’s a shame. Baby sitted by the likes of you-tube and open unsupervised internet use. Young ideas make young extremely misinformed decisions. How many of those young unsupervised kids will get pregnant and have abortions?

My Son The Raisin

My son, was born via C-SECTION. His heart slowed down a lot and due to my wife being a diabetic and not dilating far enough a C-SECTION was performed.  He was a dark purple kind of raisin colored if you can imagine that.  Think the grapes for the commercial “I heard it thru the grapevine”.  And, not once did anyone consider terminating his life.  That would have been a tragedy for all of us. 36 years later and going strong. 🙂

Birth Rates Decreasing

CDC has shown that birth rates are declining for many Americans. We’ve been sold a bill of goods and lies. Since the sixties, Americans have been told to keep family sizes small, 1, 2 or 3 kids the most common. And, not those big sprawling families that have many kids that range in age.

I found some interesting information on declining fertility rates which is a good read as well


Family Size Decreasing

With family sizes decreasing and birthrates low, what are we doing to do? The CDC published a report late last year that also stated that life expectancy is also declining. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/s1129-US-life-expectancy.html

Truly large families were needed to help out with chores and working on the farms. But, those 2 are declining. Apartment sizes are getting smaller and smaller.

Planned Parenthood Joke

Planned parenthood should also be just as guilty. They allow young kids to come in for contraceptives. I recently talked with a young person age 16 and the only reason for her being on birth-control pills is to eliminate periods. The sad part, kids don’t even have to tell their parents about being on the pill. And, the medical issues that this will cause have yet to be determined. Yup there is no long term study dealing with early contraceptive use on our teenage populations. It’s all about money. Do you want your tax dollars going to fund a program where Planned Parenthood’s estimated annual revenue for selling abortions in 2015 and beyond could be more than $200 million?  

Planed Parenthood Notes & Finances

Just My Big Picture Thoughts

Without realizing the big picture and how declining birth rates, contraceptives and abortions can lead to a decline of the human race. We do so with pure abandonment.  The thought of producing offspring that doesn’t live up to your expectations via looks and deformities should not be a precursor for abortions. And, you and I know damn well, that will happen. Unless you pay large sums for a designer baby…

  • Life is precious
  • Life is not throw away economics
  • Toxic Life Styles Actually destroy
  • Life Expectancy is on the decline
  • Parents have no control when agencies such as planned parenthood poison the thoughts minds and bodies of our kids.
  • Parents Need Education Too

There are many topics on this issue and people from all sides of the isle want 15 minutes of fame to either harm or destroy the rest of us. These are my thoughts on this issue. Granted there could be circumstances beyond your control. But, those are one offs and should demand a full explanation and reasons behind any taking of early life via abortion by anyone.

As our family sizes decreases and populations dwindle due to low life expediencies, the poisons and other methods along with those considered legal and illegal just might make us all extinct

Help Me And Others Understand

My title for this blog posting is “Death After Birth”. Well, that is true for all of us. There is “Death After Birth”. Nevertheless lets hope that those few sacred moments of life last decades and you witness a life grow into something special.

I’m a guy and will never attempt to understand women’s thinking on these issues. But, life is life. You take it. YOU SHOULD BE AS GUILTY AS ANY CRIMINAL.  Just my opinion. Help me understand this one could you?

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

KIDS Health From CDC

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