T&i :- What’s In A Fortune

  • 1st pick
    • Nothing
      • Pick again
  • 2nd pick
    • Again, Nothing, Not What I Wanted
      • Pick again.
  • 3rddddd Pick
    • Damn, Nothing. Not What I Wanted.
      • Pick again.
      • And again…
      • And again…
      • And again…

Fortune Not Found

That’s right folks satisfaction can never be found. Or can it? Yet, most people continue picking and picking until you find what you’re looking for. The fortune of a life time. Wait, does that even happen?

Wait A Fortune Oops Minute

Just wait a minute you mean The United States Congress, is for all people’s voices. Apparently congress hasn’t received that message. And will never work together. Our fortune or misfortune?

Fortune For The People

Pick something for the people, and have all political parties choose for America and not for their party alone. It’s our pipe-dream alone.

Please God

Please God, if you take away this alcohol I’ll never drink again. Please God, I made the wrong choice, let me pick again. Please God, Let me pick again

Stop All The Do-overs

Well, as in most things there are no do-overs. If we continue allowing this practice to take place within congress, we the people will suffer and it won’t matter what political party is in session.

It’s Up To Us

Actually folks, none of this is up to God. Our free will is in play. When all your options are gone and there are no more fortunes to tell or manipulate. I suppose it’s time for the gloves to come off and move over for the “Lie Brigade” to try and stir public opinion. Both sides seem to do it.

A quote from Dr. House. “Everyone Lies”.

Convenient Editing A Win For All

Editing is their friend. Where no one wins but, aggravation is high and tensions on the rise. Thanks media….Fake and otherwise. We’re all editing ins some form or another.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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