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Her Name Was Beverly

All I will say is that here name was Beverly.  I thought she was the smartest girl in class because she had a good grasp on reading. And, reading aloud to the rest of the class she did. Teachers pet when it came to selecting someone to read in class. But, that was OK then and it’s OK now.

Page After Page

Page after page she would scout and devour those tidbits of information she found interesting to say the least. 🙂

Thanks Beverly

So, Beverley where ever you are thanks for making me try harder with my reading. I always wanted to be a good reader and you did inspire me to try harder.  She was a true bookworm in every since of the word.

Growing A Generation Of Readers

A lot of us grew up in a time when President Kennedy was faced with dropout rates for high school students nearing 30%.

And, it wasn’t until several years after his assassination, when the dropout rates were at or near 10%.

His efforts on education filtered down to the school systems and some even learned the Evelyn Wood ( speed reading technique in class rooms.

All, presidents have educational agendas, but, it was President Kennedy’s, agenda on education that perhaps was one of the strongest of the past 50 years of any sitting president.

A Little Heavy Reading

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