3DART :- 24 Hours Of Love-HR06

Over the next week or so thousands of mylar balloons will be bought and handed over to a loved one. These guys are in Balloon Heaven.

Human Companionship

Are we as humans ready to give up human companionship? What will be said of this holiday then? Man Machine love, a merging of man and machine? History will always have something about St. Valentines but, what will it me 100 years from now?

Yes, this is a show, but I think Battlestar Galactica is just as likely a scenario for a distant future.



Some Highlights

Sex-Bot Consultant

YouTuber, love-doll collector and sex-bot consultant Brick Dollbanger told The Sun that we’ll soon by relying on droids for space travel – and said we’ll eventually become bots ourselves.

And in “100 to 200 years, we could actually merge with a robot”, the sex-bot expert explained.

“At some point in the next 20 to 50 years, we will have robotic companions to help physically, mentally and emotionally.”

What are we going to do if this happens? Or When…

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