3DART :- 24 Hours Of Love-HR07

Love Is A Drug

Is it? Yes, for some it is. It can make you go wild and crazy like a beast running free make scary sounds of joy!

Turn Up The Sound

Yes, do. Let the neighbors know what goes on behind closed doors! What you hear here stays here


I don’t advocate the use of drugs such as ecstasy. 

However, when looking up the usage for ecstasy, I found the urban dictionary definition very interesting and a part that really stood out was

Ecstasy is currently being tested for use with PTSD and other emotional traumas. 

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

This article was collaborated on by using chatGPT and images I’ve created with MIDJOURNEY. A fun orchestration by me. 🙂 All images available in higher resolution.

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