T&i :- Outage Or Cyber Attack

Outage Or Cyber Attack

Recently my home connections were having issues. Connect/disconnect, connect/disconnect. And, this was happening every 5 – 10 minutes. I reset all devices and again attempted to ping any site. Cyber Attack? Don’t know.

And, no sites were found during a ping. My connections were effectively offline. I live in one of those major areas listed. How about you?

I went to check Comcast outage screen when I was able to connect and this is the image I had screen captured. I’m sure outage maps will be different depending on time of day and city.

Outage Or Attack
Outage Or Attack

Is it me, or are all the major cities and supposedly hubs for Comcast appearing like they’re getting hit with cyber attacks or at least MASS denial of service attacks taking place. If this type of listing is consistent, I’d be wondering what’s going on Comcast.

Current Issues

One other option is that they’re updating infrastructure for 5G? But, why do the entire network at one time? Comcast or other business would never communicate that they are vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Or if they are being attacked a team of SRE”s (System Reliability Engineers) would be on the job fast.

  • Updating Infrastructure for 5G
  • Updating Infrastructure with new hardware
  • Testing ability to shutdown or disengage connections at a moments notice?
  • Old connections?
  • Don’t know for sure. 🙂

Communicate Outages Via Twitter


@comcast works pretty good. Always responsive for me.

No Internet Access

There was a time when internet access wasn’t everything. Our personal and private information was in letters and finances were in checkbooks and bank statements to reconcile our accounts.

Rolodex’s were popular and used to track people you knew or wanted to know and possible business listings. Heck, you can still buy Rolodex’s.

Now, more than 70% of that information is online in some firms address book. Well, it’s your address book stored on someone elses servers and if the internet was offline. Google and Outlook being popular destinations, what would you do if you’re unable to connect?

Your access is cut off. Unable to check balances in checking accounts, check payments and expenditures and without email you won’t know if you got the job or promotion. Well, I’d rather have those in person. 🙂

Stay Safe In The Cyber World.

What do you think could be a major cause of these outages?

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