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Quantum Time Answered

Quantum time is dimensional thought over dimensional reason. Which way are we facing, are we the same in each? What will I be wearing, and will I be the same and similar. And, how do you multiply? (7*6) is your answer.

Are My Thoughts Your Thoughts

Will my thoughts be the same, will I have the same personality type? On and On and On, What will, will be. And, what won’t. Won’t. I don’t think no of that will really matter. So why not let it go and see what happens then? Go with the flow and enjoy the journey.

Are You Hungry

Perhaps we’re really sandwiched between layers of silicon and thru our dreams we connect with all of our personas.   And, that makes you hungry for more knowledge, Cool Beans or is it?

Are There Any More Humans

Maybe we’ll discover that we’re not human after all but a transhuman. Dang…

quan·tum the·o·rynounPHYSICS

  1. a theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics.

Just some mixed words and thoughts behind this image. Nothing really profound. 🙂

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