Such An Amazing Creature

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Life’s Discoveries

New creatures are discovered every day. And, scientists feel that they can bring back extinct and endangered species by using DNA and test tubes. Yes, a true life Jurassic park in the making.

Explore Without Destroying Humanity

Yet, we must still explore without destroying humanity. Species going extinct are not necessarily caused by humans. To bring back something that should not be here could upset a balance that nature has determined and not man.

It’s when we have genetic information embedded on microchips is when it will get interesting.

Man will always explore boundaries such as these….

Explorers At Heart

Exploring is an innate part of being human. We’re all explorers when we’re born. Unfortunately, it seems to get drummed out of many of us as we get older, but it’s there, I think, in all of us. And for me that moment of discovery is just so thrilling, on any level, that I think anybody that’s experienced it is pretty quickly addicted to it. Edith Widder

New Creatures Abound

New creatures, oh what a sight, From deep in the oceans to the highest height, Scientists are on a quest, day by day, To bring back species that once went away.

With DNA and test tubes in their hands, They dream of creating a Jurassic land, Bringing back the mammoth, the dodo, and more, In their lab coats, they’re ready to explore.

But imagine the chaos, the uproar, the fuss, If a T-rex escaped and caused a ruckus, Tourists running wild, screaming in fear, It’s a true-life Jurassic Park we’ll hold dear.

Picture a parade of ancient beasts, Roaring and stomping through city streets, Traffic jams caused by Triceratops horns, While pterodactyls swoop, the chaos adorns.

Raptors playing fetch, chasing their tails, Brachiosaurus nibbling on tree leaves so frail, Velociraptors in suits, joining the workforce, A corporate world where dinosaurs endorse.

But don’t you worry, it’s all in jest, For scientists know that it’s not a quest, To bring chaos and danger to our daily grind, But to learn from the past, with wisdom aligned.

So let’s cheer for these scientists bold, Their dreams and aspirations, so untold, In test tubes and labs, they work away, To bring back species, and in awe, we’ll sway.

A true-life Jurassic Park may be quite fun, But for now, let’s enjoy it on the big screen, hun, Sit back, relax, and let your imagination take flight, As we embark on adventures, laughter, and delight!

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