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California Dreaming
California Dreaming

An Oldie But Goodie. Well most songs are starting to become oldies but goodies. 🙂  And, this song from the sixties is no different.  I have many fond memories of the sixties. To me it was an era of innocence about to take off and things were about to change the world forever.  

War, peace and death magnets of people on both sides.  Vietnam, The Kennedy’s, Free Love and expression, what more defines a generation that many future leaders come from and still many look back to see what went right and what went wrong.

The innocence that ran deep had begun simple enough.  But when leaving the bedroom communities of the fifties into what would be a generation and decade of change, all too often a change that some wouldn’t accept.

Anyway now for the cool stuff. 🙂  Enjoy and remember spring break is just around the corner for many of us.

Northern States Cold And Blusterly

While much of the northern parts of the united states are cold and the snow keeps on building up, I think that it’s time to plan a warm vacation or at least a winters break. 🙂

I like this song “California Dreaming” by the mama’s and papa’s. Althought I liked all the voices in the band, one that always stood out was Mama Case Elliot and she certainly made this song. Her voice was awesome.

A Great Song Found On Youtube

An Oldie But Goodie that’s for sure. Bitchin man, bitchin.

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  1. I so love this song! I particularly like the Jose Feliciano version! Thank you for sharing Joseph!

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