Dryer Relationship Comparison

 A Dryer Relationship Settings
A Dryer Relationship Settings

Dryer Relationship Comparison. I’ve looked at my dryer on many occasions. But, today, as I was looking at the settings I realized how often relationships have some of the same settings.

Turning on the power seems to be an easy task. Reach out and push the right button. In fact many people in relationships push those unusual buttons. :))

You can go full AUTO or try some MANUAL settings.


Damp Dry – Boring, need I say more?
Super Delicate – Walking on pins and needles taking care not to disturb one another.
Delicate – Walk softly and carry something big.
Casual – Too many relationships are far too casual . Hey you don’t know Wilt do you?
Normal – What relationship is normal? I think it depends on the people.
Heavy Duty – Touch me, feel me, squeeze me. Hey isn’t that a song??


Touch Up – I messed up so I bring some flowers, chocolate and a puppy dog face.
Quick Dry – Meet me for lunch for a quickie.
Timed Dry – Ah shucks.

Of course timing is everything! Adjusting time would be really fun….

I think the possibilities are endless. Imagine a machine that is IoT capable!

Additional Thoughts

Dryer 🙂

If your dryer were IoT capable, lots of settings could be automated based on your schedule, what was in the dryer being dried and your phone app could monitor when your load was done. As more devices in the home are manufactured with IoT settings, we’ll see more home automation. And, for some things that is good.


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